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Clubhouse at SunriseLong Putt on the 5th GreenMagical Sunrise Over the 7thLooking Back Along the 5th Fairway9th Tee-offView of the 6th Green with the Pond in the ForegroundBunker at the 8th GreenShadows Across the 10thDerek's Tee Shot at the 11th11th Green Looking Back Along the FairwayMcSherry's PitchShadows Across the 12th GreenRobert's Tee-Shot at the 14thView Through the Trees Along the 13th FairwayJohn's Tee Shot at the 14thMid Morning Tee-off at the 1stMorning ShadowsJeff's 3rd at the 14thPractice Green at Club HouseJeff's15th Tee Shot