About Colum

Irish Commercial, Portrait and Landscape PhotographerMeet Colum LynchLow Key Self Portrait

Born and raised on our family farm in Donard, Co. Wicklow, I now live in Newry, Co. Down with my wife Joanne and three boys Ethan, Charlie and Louie.

Serving customers from Belfast to Dublin and everywhere in between, whether it's commercial, portrait or landscape photography, my mission is to create beautiful, striking images at very affordable prices. If you've had a look through my portfolios, hopefully, you'll agree that there's a great track record in delivering on this.

In all my photography, I prefer to keep things simple. I’m very much in the "less is more" camp. The process of composing and framing an image is as much about what to leave out as it is about what to leave in. Lighting, lens choice, and composition are chosen to maximise impact in the final image.

The different skills garnered over the years in commercial, landscape and portrait photography have resulted in a unique blend of expertise where each genre benefits from the specific skills associated with the other genres. For example, long exposure photography normally associated with landscapes can be used to produce stunning commercial architectural images; The attention to detail required for high-end commercial imagery pays dividends when composing and framing portraits; Lighting and posing skills for traditional portrait photography are crucial for commercial headshot photography.

If you'd like to take things further and work with me to create some stunning images/lasting memories then drop me an email, give me a call or leave a message via the contact form below.

I’m hoping your amazing images will be the next entry in my portfolio.